Laser Line Generator: SLG 030
Features Applications
  • In-built power supply
  • Parallel Beam Projection
  • Intensity Control
  • External Focus Arrangement
  • Integrated Clamping
  • Position Indexing
  • Centering
Extra Long Line Laser Line Generator: SLG 023
SLG 023
Power Supply Unit: CLPT 090
Clamps: SF Series
Laser Line Generator: SLG 022
SLG 022
Power Supply Unit: CLPT 090

Clamps: SF Series
Low Cost Laser Line Generator: ELG 003
ELG 003
AN 003
Super Economy Laser Line Generator: SELG 004
SELG 004
AN 003
CLG 003: Automatic Computerised Laser Alignment System
CLG 003 Specifications View Presentation
CLG 004: Upgraded Computerised Laser Alignment System
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We manufacture computer control systems for a range of third party rubber and tyre testing machines.
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